Vampire Series – The Darker Side of Deb

Vampire Series Darker Side of Deb

Vampire Horror Romance The Darker Side of Deb

This is a new series I have been writing and it is a little different to my normal books. There is less gore and less horror and there is a splattering of romance. The book revolves around a girl Deborah Marshall who is just like you and me. Except she spends her days in a wheelchair and her nights as a vampire.

I have posted the description of the book here along with the first chapter. This is a series and it is shorter than my normal books but book 2 is already with my editor and I expect it to be released at the latest 30th December 2014.

This vampire series came from an idea of my husbands Neil. Well I guess he is an old romantic at heart. Maybe not he has a book idea called Bob and trust me it is sick, gruesome and I may just have to write it. I think it would even challenge Matt Shaw in the extreme stakes, but that one is for another day.

Book One Vampire Series The Darker Side of Deb Greenwood

Deb Marshall is a twenty year old girl just like you and me. She was going to college and looking forward to a career as an investigative reporter when tragedy happened. She died in the road accident that killed her parents.

Now she lives her life with her Uncle in the sleepy town of Rookby. Stuck in a wheelchair she believes her career is over and the adventures and excitement she craved are gone. Yet every night she dreams of one man. Tall, dark, handsome in one dream he starts as her savior but the dreams usually end in terror if only she could remember. In the other she enjoys a passion with him that curls her toes and leaves her wanting more. Who is he and what do the dreams mean?

Deb’s life changes once again when he turns up at her house and she must discover what Vincent Fox wants and why he believes she is in danger?

He teaches her that she has a dark side. And tells her very few, including her uncle can ever learn about it. But he does not tell her why she is in danger and that some believe she will destroy his race.

At just a thought, Deb’s hair changes from brunette to black, she is able to stand and move around faster than any normal woman.

By the way, did I mention she is a vampire?

But Deb is a vampire like no other. She is a disabled woman, but a very able vampire. She intends to use her ‘abilities’ to interview and glamour the evil in her town, putting right the wrongs they have done? But someone is watching her and they want her dead. Can Vincent keep her safe and is she the one that they are looking for?

Chapter One Vampire Series The Darker Side of Deb

His arm was firm beneath her hand. The muscles rippled at her touch and her breath caught in her throat as he guided her across the soft grass and under the shade of the sycamores. The moon was full with silver beams filtering through the trees that splashed onto the green like disco lights making her feel giddy and romantic. Where was he taking her? Glancing across, she admired a square jaw, high cheekbones, thick black hair and a profile that made her stomach clench with desire.

He turned, and steel gray eyes flashed in the moonlight. Deb blushed and looked away. Everything was perfect she was with..?  Why did his name elude her? Was she drunk? The first doubts started to spiral into her consciousness. What was she doing here? Yet it felt fantastic to walk on the damp, springy grass with the dew soaking into her trainers and weighing down her jeans. A shock ran through her like a guillotine through paper; something was wrong. Walking was wrong.

A hand took hold of hers it was cold, almost icy as he guided her toward the crossroads. Deb’s stomach clenched, she wanted to turn, to go back. Uneasiness settled over her and like a straight jacket it pinned her down. Stop this. Everything was perfect because since she broke up with Luke, she hadn’t had a date. Now was the time to enjoy. Yet something nagged at the back of her mind but no matter how hard she tried, she could not decipher what it was. Stop it. She admonished herself again and tried to enjoy the moment. Where had she heard that before? As her beau guided her forward, she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other. Just keep walking. Yet the dread at where she was going, at what she would find clasped onto her heart and squeezed so tightly, it was impossible to breathe. A fist of shock punched into her stomach – she was walking. How could that be?

She felt her eyes pulled forward as a horrendous crash of twisted metal happened before them. Like a child forced to watch as a body dropped from the gallows, she clenched her shoulders tight and looked on in horror. There was a fascination at the scene ahead and yet she was filled with fear and revulsion. She must turn; there was no way could she watch this. Yet her head stayed still, framed by her long caramel-colored hair; her light gray eyes were wide open as the scene played out before her. On a dark and misty crossroad her dad’s Ford was hit by a rusty white pick-up truck. The panels buckled and screamed with anguish as they were bulldozed out of shape to reform as a warped death trap as the bull-bars impacted with the passenger side of the coupe. The car seemed to cry and wail out its pain as the huge Perkins diesel revved harder and pushed the battered Ford down the road.

A cold trickle of sweat ran down Deb’s back as she recognized herself in the car. The side pushed in so far and suddenly her legs were trapped. The crumpled metal bit into soft skin and panic rose as it compressed her legs until she felt they would snap. Just a minute ago she was walking in the soft grass and now she was here in the vehicle; how did that happen? She should be walking, enjoying the night. The shriek of torn metal told her this was as real as the smell of burnt rubber seared into her nostrils. The thought of escape crossed her mind, but her legs were still squashed and she found it impossible to even move them. Another impact and she was tossed forward and snapped back by the seatbelt. At the same time, an anvil slammed into her face when the airbag popped. Panic thrashed inside her, but her arms would not move. They were pinned down by the force as the car careened around like a carousel. The air whooshed out of her as her chest was crushed. The panic rose and her body fought to survive. Her lungs begged for air, but she could not breathe. Were her lungs crushed? No, she was suffocating, her face pressed into the smothering folds of the airbag as it slowly deflated.

Seconds turned into minutes as the cars wrestled on the blacktop. The bigger, tougher truck pounded relentlessly into the Ford and then it was over as they crunched to a halt. Deb bounced back and took a sweet breath of air into her tortured lungs before cracking her head on the side pillar. Just as she was thrown against the seatbelt a metal rod shot from the truck and sliced into the car. An intense pain punched into Deborah’s side. She felt the rod as it tore through her flesh, ripped into her muscle, smashed through organs and stopped just after it severed her spine. There was no pain, just disorientation, and fear. She cried out for her dad as the vehicles hissed at each other as if maybe the bout wasn’t over, but the only answer she received was of the Ford. The truck lurched forward and pushed them one last time; the Ford giving a cry of indignation as it slid across the asphalt and onto the verge. It tumbled down an embankment and crashed into a tree where it came to rest with a final death rattle.

A scream ripped from Deb’s throat and was replaced with the taste of blood. There was blood in her mouth, blood on her face and blood leaking from her side and down her legs. She tried to move and a second scream cleaved from her as something tore inside. Panic flooded into her like ice-cold water into a sinking ship; she was going down. She was going to die. Her next thought was of her parents as she looked across the car. Her father’s face bore a deep gash which wept blood down his cheek. The maxilla bone was stark white against the purple flesh and ruptured skin and his neck was twisted at an impossible angle. Brown eyes no longer saw as they stared at the roof and a trickle of blood ran from his mouth. A sob burst from her throat and she tried to look around to see her mother, but instead was met with a flash that passed in front of her eyes moving at an impossible speed towards them.

It blurred across her vision, bringing with it the mist through the woods, across the car and then it was gone as the fog enveloped them. Wet, sticky fingers stroked her face, but when she looked, no one was there. It must have been a hallucination, nothing could move that fast. With an effort, she turned to look into the back of the car, but her neck could not move that far and she was too weak, fading. There was so much blood and thoughts of dying enveloped her mind crushing her spirit.

With one last effort Deb tried to undo her seat belt just as a cold hand touched her shoulder. She turned; they were safe, help had come. Deb expected to see a high visibility jacket and someone official but before her was the man she was walking with; her date. The sculptured perfection of his face no longer looked handsome but utterly sinister. How had she got here? She was walking with her date and then she was back in this nightmare, filled with pain and grief. The man’s rugged features were drawn into a look of pure concentration. Steel gray eyes bore into hers and then they turned a sickly yellow. Deborah felt the fear of the prey as the predator poised for the kill. Her eyes were drawn to his lips, they were full and red and when they parted she saw…

Deb screamed and screamed; something was holding her down, pinning her and she could not move her arms or legs. She fought against the restraints while sweat ran down her spine and dripped from her forehead. The man was getting closer, something was wrong but she could not see what, could not see his face. She had to look, had to see. Mist swirled around them, rolling across the ground like a living being that wanted to swallow up the world. Then out of the fog came a massive black rook, it squawked and swooped down toward her. She was transfixed on its black beak, a gaping maw that filled her vision. A vision of it swallowing her whole permeated her brain. Tension turned her muscles to stone and a scream tore out of her lungs. The light came on and Deb was back in her room. The nightmare had left her covered in sweat and tremors. Wiping a hand over her eyes to hide the tears, she turned to see the concern on Uncle Mace Coltrane’s face.

“Are you okay, dear?” Mace asked as he shambled into the room. Walking with a slight limp, he was a small man with receding brown hair and kind eyes. He had been her rock and Deb hated that once again she had disturbed his sleep.

From the corridor, she heard a door slam. “Not again,” Brett muttered as he stumbled to the bathroom. His shaggy brown hair slipped over his eyes, but it could not hide the bags that Deb’s dreams were causing him.

“Sorry Brett,” Deb shouted then she turned to her uncle and smiled. “I’m fine, I just had a nightmare, but I’m fine now. Go back to bed, you have a busy morning.”

Mace waited for her to finish, he had seen this many times over the past two years and understood her need to talk. At last she stopped. “Was it the same dream again?” Mace asked.

“Yes,” Deb said, but she could never remember what happened in her dream. Just a good looking man, walking across the grass, then the feeling of romance to come and the thrill of her hand on his skin. Only he would never look at her now. What man would want to be with her?

“Maybe I could get you a hot chocolate?” Mace asked.

A whiskey would be more help. “No thank you, I’m fine. Deb pretended to yawn and laid her head back down on the white pillow. “Goodnight.”

Taking the hint, Mace turned and closed the door. The loneliness engulfed Deb, like a wet blanket it held her down and she felt hot tears prick the back of her eyes. But she would not cry, not today. If she told herself that every day then things had to get better, but no matter how many times she repeated those words, they never did. Everything changed that day two years ago. The day her parents died.

Her friends kept saying, ‘Get over it, you have a good job and it’s time to move forward.’ But how do you move forward when your life came to an end one lonely night because of nothing more profound than a drunk driver?

And her job? Yes, she did get lucky and was still a reporter for her uncle’s paper. This week she had covered the biggest cake in all of Rookby and who knows what Mace had in store for her today. There was one thing she was sure of; it wouldn’t be the investigative journalism she had loved before the accident. ‘Oh no, my girl that’s much too dangerous,’ he would say with his eyebrows pulled down tight to show his disapproval. Still, Uncle Mace had been a savior, taking both her and Brett in without a word. His house though old fashioned and in places, a little creepy was impressively large and he had made sure that alterations had been done to accommodate her. The Dodge Grand Caravan he bought her was not chic but it was practical and the modifications to it had made life much easier. She had grown to love Mace but still she missed her parents and the ache in her heart just wouldn’t let up.

Deborah lay very still and concentrated on her breathing like her Physio had explained. Breathe in for five, hold for four and out for six. How she hated the nightmares almost as much as the other dreams. Sometimes her nights were filled with passion with the same man haunting those. Yet, she knew she was useless to him and that if he truly existed, he would never even look at her. After several minutes, she was calm and slipped off to a dreamless sleep.

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