Review The Seance Jack Rollins

Gothic Creepiness and Plenty of Terror

I have never been a lover of historical books however in The Séance Jack Rollins gives such effortless atmosphere that I found myself drawn in from page one.  At 56 pages this in not a long read but it is full of gothic creepiness and plenty of terror, with twists and turns that will keep you looking over your shoulder and a surprise ending that does not disappoint.

Albert Kench arrives back from Australia to find his sister in the rather strange and creepy Oakbridge Asylum.  The staff are all smiles and everything seems too perfect so Albert sets out to discover why his sister is catatonic. He visits an old flame who tells him that she attended a séance and there begins his desire to investigate the supernatural.

This book is beautifully written and the author is able to immerse you in both the period and the characters. You are there with them all the way and it makes the twists and turns of this story all the more terrifying.  5 Creepy Stars for The Séance.



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