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The Cult of Me – An Enjoyable Romp through a Tortured Mind – Horror Review

This book starts in prison and we discover that a killer with the ability to control people’s minds is awaiting trial. He wants to die, but he wants to be remembered, he wants to go out with a bang. The book draws you in as you realize that he was just a small frightened boy, confused by his difference and traumatized by the murder of him mother. It is then that he discovers he can kill with his mind. His life then falls into a downward spiral and eventually he ends up on the streets punishing people to fight his boredom. He is not a hero, in fact he is diabolical but still you want to find out what happens and keep turning those pages.

The author interspersed chapters about his youth in with the current and as you see the heinous acts he commits you understand not why but a little bit about how someone could become so broken that he needs to hurt to feel something.

Once in prison he intends to create chaos and then bring about a riot that will leave him remembered for all time. But it is here that he meets two people who know what he is and one of them can thwart his skills. At this point the book changes and becomes a paranormal, biblical, apocalyptic tale. Our hero, who we never find out his name, is trained to save the world. He must complete the training and will then be given the chance to live out his life with some freedom. Will he complete the mission, has he changed, will he join forces with the evil? These are all questions that the author keeps you asking and right up to the ending we are never sure what he will do.

I won a copy of this book in a competition and I loved every minute of it. Michael Brookes is a talented author with a lot to offer. The story is written in the first person and the creepiness that invades the characters mind is awesome.

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