Review Hilary Tale of the Dog

Warning Gore-Fest this is Real Horror

This book comes with a warning of sexually deviant content including rape, torture and cannibalism so what does it say about me when I say it was fabulous?

Angel Gelique is a talented writer able to pull you into the story and keep you wanting more. After reading this I would pronounce her the queen of gore, there were scenes in this book that had even me cringing and I loved it. But the book was not all blood and guts there is an intriguing story that will have you questioning from page one. Hilary wakes up tied to a bed, naked and with no memory. She is fifteen years old and frightened and the only people she interacts with are Dr. Morrison, his wife Monica and a psychiatrist Dr. Bentley.

The first half of the book is mainly psychological, Hilary does not know why she is held, is she a prisoner or are they trying to help her. You want to root for Hilary, you want to help her but part of you knows there is a storm coming and that it will be Hilary shaped. Monica the doctors wife is also a great character, flawed and complicated she adds depth to the book. Hilary is securely fastened to the bed,  but she is cunning. Biding her time she waits for an opportunity and the real Hilary is revealed.

The second half of the book contains scenes of real torture that will leave you weak at the knees and reading with one hand holding a sick bag, but oh it was good. The description was so good that you could smell the blood and feel the fear and for you men out there you are gonna cringe big time.

The other thing I loved about this is you are still almost rooting for Hilary even though you shouldn’t be. All in all a great book and I can’t wait to read the next one.

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