The Inspiration Behind Tears Extreme Horror

A Novel of Extreme Horror Sex & Gore

The Inspiration behind Tears a Novel of Extreme Horror

One of the questions I get asked more than any other is what inspired you to write the novel? I’m going to do a series of these blog post to explain some of the how’s and why’s behind my writing.

Warning Mild Spoilers.

How Do You Come Up With Your Ideas for Horror Novels?

Tears is an extreme horror novel and it was fun to write. The idea came to me when I was watching the movie Scream. The good old fashioned slasher film where some maniac runs around killing young girls is such a delightful concept. Of course with Tears I had to make it different and that was the fun part. The first difference was easy the gender switch and being female of course the thought of massacring members of the male gender was incredibly appealing.

Then I needed a killer. The Drude was something I found in an old book on the occult and she just fitted Tears to perfection. She was evil and insidious and I felt that she would be as much as a character as Lola was.

Horror Screenplay

Tears was originally written as a screen play and I did quite well with it in competitions. Of course that was all I ever did with my screenplays. I managed to win one competition and got six months of development work on another screenplay. That one was almost produced, but hey ho. It was only this year that I decided to give Tears and another book Reflections of Dead a complete rewrite and convert them into novels.

This is an enjoyable way to write as the screenplay works as an expanded plot and all you are really doing is adding thoughts and description, which is the fun part of the writing and it was quick and easy to complete. I have put in some changes. Books are different to films and as always as you write the characters take on a life of their own, but essentially it is the same story and it is one I’m very proud of.

Also I love the song Kinks song Lola and just had to use the name in a novel.

I hope you enjoy reading Tears as much as I enjoyed writing it.



The red cover was another version that i decided not to use. let me know which you prefer?

Tears a Novel of Extreme Horror Sex & Gore. Get Tears here

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