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For a chance to win a collection of novels from some of the biggest names in horror.

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Its nearly Halloween so lets go scary and submit a say it with a sign selfie to promote our favorite genre HORROR.


Stephen King Says it With a Sign


Lets get in the Halloween spirit and get taking those photos. Submit a horror selfie saying why you love horror, a horror book or anything about your love of horror and get the chance to win a collection of books. Join the ranks of Stephen King with the say it with a sign meme and get in on the current craze of horror selfies.


More say it With a Sigh Horror Selfies:



More details from the Horror Writers Association: “We are hoping that people will be creative with these selfies,” Wood says. “Write their messages not only on paper, but alternative display methods like whiteboards, hands, walls, etc. Maybe they’ll be in iconic horror locations. Maybe they’ll be in costume, or pictured with their favorite horror author or actor. We particularly welcome messages promoting literacy and the use of libraries. Maybe they can show themselves using their Kobo? Or hard at work writing their horror novel.”


And here’s a horror selfie I did earlier with the puppies Spooky & Troy.

“We expect www.horrorselfies.com to become an iconic site for horror fans, and for many of the selfies to go viral, thus helping create new horror audiences for both the page and the screen.”


See more at www.HorrorSelfies.com



Submit Your Horror Selfie

Why not submit your own horror selfie,

  1. Create a sign of some sort related to reading or writing horror (or you can hold up your favorite horror novel or movie — NO SELF-PROMOTION PLEASE).
  2. Snap a selfie of you holding the sign see the submission guidelines).
  3. Fill out the form and upload your selfie here.

It might take up to 415hours before your selfie goes live.

So go on promote your favorite author, book, why you love horror (no self promotion)

*All entries must be received by 12:00 AM EST on November 6, 2014; only one prize collection will be awarded; winner will be drawn at random.



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