Do You Love Horror?

If you like your horror to have the cringe factor. If you read authors such as Shaub Hutson, Jeff Menapace, Graham Masterton, Matt Smith and others that believe horror should horrify then you will like these books. Be warned they include graphic scenes and may disturb, at least I hope they will.

Reflections of Death – a Supernatural Thriller


Trapped in the dark with the taste of death still clinging to wet lips, it waits for supernatural thrillerrelease.

***Warning this is an occult horror novel, it contains blood, gore and swear words; do not read if easily shocked.***

Joe is desperate to find the perfect present for his sister when he stumbles on some old junk. He has found something special and makes her a gift of a lifetime not knowing that he has released death itself. The creature is tied to Joe and his sister and will hunt them down without fear or conscience spreading horror and slaughter wherever it can cast a reflection.

Reluctantly Joe engages the help of his two best friends and together they pledge to battle the ancient and ruthless evil.

Praise so far for Reflections of Death a novel of extreme horror:

“Terror and Gore from the get go.”

“This would make a great movie.”

“It was scary and funny-scary where it should be.”


Will they fight against the odds or will they run, leaving the creature to wreck havoc and kill whoever it finds?

Believing that he once let his sister down, Joe must tame his own demons to save her life; because if they lose, the creature is free, and we all die.

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Flee – An Occult Horror

Just before her birthday Jenny’s world is destroyed. In this occult horror novel she faces death, despair and torture as the pawn in a game of immortality. At the hour of her birth, the supernatural deity Aldona will grant immortality to the one who sacrifices her. 


Who should she trust? Who will help and who is secretly planning that sacrifice?


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One by One They Disappear


When the youth of a sleepy British town go missing, everyone believes they have run away.

“One by One is the bone-chilling tale of a hooded figure who prowls the streets, capturing and torturing its prey… The twists and turns of this horrific story will have you leaving the lights on and reading deep into the night.” Tracy 

Who Will Be Next?

Sergeant Brookes has been freewheeling since the death of his wife, winding his way into retirement. But when his nephew’s friend goes missing he realizes something is very wrong. As no one believes a crime has been committed Brookes must investigate alone. Everything points to one area of town, where a known drug dealer prowls. Then starts a thrilling race against time. Will he find the killer?

Will They Survive?

In a dark cellar a boy waits all alone. He waits for it to return, and the torture to continue. This book contains scenes of horror and is not for the faint-hearted.

Brookes is taken off the case and his nephew decides to investigate alone. When the boy goes missing will Brookes be able to piece together the clues and save the boy from the horror that awaits?

One by One is a Dark Psychological Thriller and you can read it instantly, look inside or click on the buy link above – If you dare.

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Daddy Won’t Kill You

A rocking chair relaxing, comfortable soaked in the blood of its victims.

Steve and Lauren, a couple spiraling into divorce, take their two children for one last holiday. The holiday is a chance to heal their marriage, and to give Lauren time to cook the pies she is famous for.

But in a remote cabin, just before winter a relaxing holiday turns into a bloody nightmare. Steve is seeing things, awful things that no father should ever have to see. While Lauren becomes more distant and the children try and ride out the storm, Steve fights to save his family. But every attempt is thwarted as evil takes the family on a nightmare journey they will never forget.

Can Steve reclaim his pride to prevent evil from killing his family?


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Trapped a Horror Short Story

Sixteen year old twins, Cherry and Bailea love life. They are as alike as bookends and as different as chalk and cheese, and despite their evil stepmom, they have everything to live for.

Things go dreadfully wrong for the two young girls, when they become trapped inside their own house. Their dad believes the Zombie apocalypse has arrived and is hell bent on saving anyone still human and destroying any Zombies he finds.

The twins must decide whether to hide or fight as he hunts them down, smashing in doors and chasing them from room to room. They must use all their courage and ingenuity to survive in this high octane fight for their life.

Not for the faint hearted Zombies is a short fiction full of high adrenaline chases and blood curdling escape.

Will the twins survive? Will they be left orphans? Are just two of the questions you will want answered in this horror filled story.

Designed to be read at one sitting this short horror book is full of character, twists and plenty of scares.

Dare you read it?


This last one is a little different. I love dogs and this is a collection of stories and short fiction that all include dogs.

Dog Gone Tails

Interesting Short Fiction that Celebrates Our Love of Dogs

Looking for something to read, but don’t have time for a novel?

These short stories and one poem give you coffee break sized fiction but are still fully developed and interesting stories.


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