The Five Worst Ways to Die

The 5 Worst Ways to Die - Extreme Horror

The Five Worst Ways to Die

I love horror, in fact I love extreme horror and gore so how do I go about researching my new book. Like most of you I Google but for this book I needed to go a little deeper and a little darker. I wanted unique ways to kill people and so the research began.

The new book Tears – is an occult story of revenge and torture. It is the book equivalent of a teen slasher movie and it has been fun to write but I wanted to use some different methods for killing and so the research began, what was really worrying was that some of the methods I choose were just from my imagination. Don’t blame me I’m a horror writer, besides what do you think about in the bath?

In the end these are some of the methods I didn’t use but who knows they may come back in a different book.

 No 1 Worst Way to Die – Bamboo Torture:

No 1 Worst Way to Die Bamboo Torture

A body is secured over a bamboo shoot and left. The bamboo can grow at an alarming rate. Some species can grow 35 inches in 24 hours. This is probably one of the slowest and most painful methods of torturous death. Depending on where the shoot pierces the body, would depend on the injuries and whether the person would die from shock, traumatic injury or even blood loss.

So is this just a myth? An experiment was done with ballistic gelatin that is similar to human flesh. It was found that bamboo would penetrate through this in three days.  This would work and if it would work then the chances are that it was used.

As a side note I have black bamboo growing in the garden. In the spring the new shoots will grown anywhere up to a foot a night and they grow through just about anything.


No 2 Worst Way to Die – Buried Alive:

No 2 worst way to die buried aliveThis is something that is a primal fear in all of us and with good reason.  A person buried alive will die of suffocation within about five and a half hours. It is a horrendous way to die and has been used in many horror novels and films. The claustrophobic fear would send you mad before you suffocated and just think about clawing at the wood with your nails OMG.

Legend has it that during the time of the black plague many people were buried alive and when graveyards needed to be moved there was evidence of them trying to break out of their coffins. It is said that this is where the expression saved by the bell came from. People would be buried with a bell tied to their toes and if the bell rang then they would be dug up. Not sure if this is truth or legend but this must be one horrific, lonely and slow way to die, and don’t forget bodies move after death – can you imagine digging up a loved one only to fine they had died of suffocation just before you got to them or that it was just a death spasm?

 No 3 Worst Way to die – Burning to Death:

No 3 Worst Way to Die Burning AliveThis is an extremely painful and hideous way to die and was often used for a method of execution for witches. If the fire was large enough then the person executed would die of carbon monoxide poison before being burned. Those would be the lucky ones. If the fire was smaller then it could take up to two hours for the witch to die. Every second would be intense agony as first the feet and lower legs would sear and burn, melting the skin and boiling the flesh. Then the fire would spread upwards to the torso and the internal organs would boil inside the body. Death would be slow and horrifyingly painful.

I remember a pan horror book from when I was younger. I can’t remember the name but in it someone was cremated alive. I can still remember cringing as I read about the eyeballs bursting in the heat.

 No 4 Worst Way to Die – Colombian Necktie:

No 4 Worst Way to Die Colombian NecktieThis is one extremely gruesome method of execution. The victim has their throat cut horizontally and then their tongue is pulled out through the wound. It is used by drug lords as a warning and was featured in ‘Breaking Bad’ the TV show. According to Wikki – “This infamous method of assassination was documented as early as 1950. It was later found that Cosa Nostra used it 100 years before, in Italy. It was intended as a method of psychological warfare, meant to scare and intimidate.” – I’m scared.

No 5 Worst Way to Die – Hung, Drawn and Quartered:

No 5 Worst Way to Die Hung Drawn & QuarteredBeing British I thought it best to end this list with an old British torture that was used to execute persons convicted of treason. The first step to this is to be tied behind a horse and dragged through the street. This would cause various injuries including trauma and skin scraping. Then the convict would be hanged but this would be a strangulation hanging only and it would be stopped before the person was dead. For the men the next step was castration and if you were still alive then your internal organs were removed. After all this the body would be chopped into four quarters and beheaded and the pieces would be displayed to the public.

This one was definitely used and would be a horrendous, slow and painful way to die. It was also designed to strip the victim of any dignity.

I hope you liked this list of my current top 5 worst ways to die. I also found this video on You Tube with a list of 10 of the most horrible ways to die. OMG no 3!

Tears will be finished this week and will then go to beta readers and to editing. I hope it will be ready for release late October. In the mean time Reflections of Death is with the editors and will be back and hopefully released early to mid October.

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